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Social Presence booster

Social presence boost- Increasing social presence can make a huge difference in the success of a business or organization.


The package includes:

Your social presence will be boosted! 

  • 50-300 Power likes (1 post)

  • 1,000-3,000 video views (1 post)

  • 50-100 comments (1 post)


Businessman on Phone
Businessman on Phone

Instagram Marketing

What I do is promote a personal brand in multiple cities, reaching out to up to 1000 profiles every day with various features. My service expands a person's possibilities in any field they wish to pursue. This will also benefit you monetarily as well as provide you with broader opportunities. We take care of everything behind the scenes, so you can go about your day and still get the benefits.

Business Video Call


Our YouTube marketing strategies capture subscribers, nurture them into fans, and add tangible value to your business.

Shooting content
Programmer in Office

Website Design

A successful web design project starts with us. We start by listening to you.
Our team understands your business needs, voice, and style. Your products and services should be told in a unique way, but we also understand that customers don't stumble upon your website.

To drive relevant traffic to your site, we use Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns. You can rely on our team of experts to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of web design, web development, and digital marketing, whether you're launching a new website or redesigning an existing one.

Web design

TikTok Marketing

You do not need to be a fan of social media to enjoy TikTok. With our Tiktok marketing campaigns, you can double or even triple your following on Tiktok. Take advantage of the latest dance craze, lip-sync, or prank to engage your followers. Creativity and storytelling go hand in hand.

Video call
Stock Data

Google Ads

Pay-per-click marketing has grown in popularity due to its rapid results compared to other forms of digital marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM).

To improve clickthrough rates and short-term gains with pay-per-click advertising, you must follow some basic strategies. 


  • We create well-planned, well-shot photography that showcases your product in the right light at the right time with the right person.

  • Planning a shoot on location for models is not always easy. We can help you plan your shoot and deliver your product photography on time and on brand.

  • Including hiring a photographer, sourcing models, creating call sheets, sourcing props, and organizing the crew, Bossupmarketing can handle your entire model shoot.

  • You can increase a consumer's trust in your brand by using high-quality product images, which makes them choose you over another seller.

  • Our images are mobile-friendly and easy to view on a small screen, showcasing the product benefits, key features, size reference, packaging in detail, and showing the product in use.

Male Photographer
Clothes shop worker

Facebook Ads

Increase sales and expand your brand with social media.Using Facebook, you can target customers by age, gender, marital status, income, type of home, interests, buying habits, and many more. Your ads can be targeted so that only your ideal customers see them. Once you have determined your target audience, you can run ads. You can focus entirely on your business while our agency handles your Facebook ads.

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