About Us

Bossupmarketing is a New age Marketing Company that was developed over the last 5 years in Atlanta, Georgia our service is designed to specialize building connections and relationships that help brandambassadors and business owners growth on social media by providing brand awareness safe, fast and organically with our aggressive targeting filtering we pretty much can target anyone anywhere. 


Our mission is to offer brand awareness, in multiple markets - specifically targeting “sample populations” profiles to garner your brands optimal follower ship helping the consumer gain oppuritunines or to gain customers for any small business


I am Tchop, Founder and CEO of BossUpMarketing. 

I can recall working 40+ hour days and earning as little as $1600 monthly, on a job I hated.


Meanwhile, my passion for technology and business overwhelmed my desire to remain in a stagnant, traditional "9-5" job. 


With a renewed sense of purpose, I decided to venture into the ever burgeoning market of Social Media Business Analytics - in other words, I discovered a way to leverage the power of social media using business technology and data analytics to grow a brand or small business.

In realizing my dream of becoming an entrepreneur, it is my intent to help other entrepreneurs realize, access and MASTER social media marketing analytics.