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About Us

Bossupmarketing LLC is a new age marketing company founded in Atlanta, Ga. 

We specialize in building connections and relationships to help brand ambassadors and entrepreneurs grow on social media. With our aggressive targeting filter, we can provide brand awareness to nearly anyone anywhere. 


If you’re done wasting time trying to attract a loyal following and build a community on social media, you’re in the right place. Our Instagram team knows how to grow your account every day. Instagram promotes certain actions to determine whether or not your account is on the front page or hidden forever. We want to award you the glory you deserve. We have helped @iamteretatiana gain over 50k followers in ten months, @ms.jamerica rise to 12.7k followers from 2.4k in three months and @flexwithaneos go from 4.3k to 25k in eight months. In all, over 35,000 individuals have used our services to boost their social media platform since 2016.


Our proven formula for targeting is what sets Bossupmarketing LLC apart from the rest. Our process is simple and an Instagram expert will tell you everything you need to know to grow your Instagram in ways you’ve never seen. Each month, we can bring you hundreds or thousands of new followers.


Our mission is to offer brand awareness in all markets. Target “sample populations” profiles to garner your brands optimal following and help the consumer gain opportunities and customers for any small business.


Our Story

It's my pleasure to introduce myself as the founder and CEO of Bossupmarketing LLC.
I once worked 40+ hour days only to earn $1600 in a month. With a growing family I knew I had to change it up. My passion for technology and business inspired me to venture into the market for Social Media Business Analytics. Using business technology and data analytics, I discovered a way to leverage the power of social media to grow a brand. As an entrepreneur I intend to help other entrepreneurs access and master social media marketing analytics.

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