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Build Your Instagram Empire With Our Growth Service

Defining your marketing strategy 

Based in Atlanta, we help brands thrive across digital marketing channels. Search engine optimization, social media management, websites, and Google ads are some of the services we offer. Our goal is to help clients understand how we can adapt what makes them unique to something that extends their reach and enhances their success.




"Grow Your Business"

At BossUpMarketing, LLC, we provide comprehensive marketing services to help businesses get ahead of the competition and create effective leads. Our team of experienced professionals utilize innovative techniques and strategies to develop a marketing plan specifically tailored to your company’s needs, giving you the tools you need to stay one step ahead in the ever-changing market.

Music Artist

"Build A Fan Base"

We can push your music material on major platforms with the right marketing strategies you will gain real organic view, likes, and comments on your social platforms. Great music sells as well but every entertainer doesn't know how to get their music heard all over the world.. when you sign your deal this is one of the benefits of signing your deal, more promotions the more they hear it the bigger the person gets. 


Micro Influencer / Influencer

"Breaking The Ice"

What we do is help drive attention to your page by Targeting profiles like yours on social media platforms. The more followers you have the more opportunities you will have from marketing others clothing brand to jewelry or even major photographers that are willing to pay for your time or even fly you to events worldwide if your work is good enough. 

Take Your Instagram Game to the Next Level 

"Ive been working with Bossup for some time now and I have yet to be disappointed !! Going with BossUpMarketing was the best decision I ever could have made in regards to growing my brand!! My music and tattooing have both spiked in numbers and engagement. With BOSSUP I was able to get my accounts monetized and I’m FINALLY making money on Instagram just from posting !! My followers have been growing non stop as well as my interactions. Idk why I didn’t boss up sooner !! Best decision ever! Period"


I’m usually hesitant investing my money into things especially sending over money via social media related things. But boss up marketing is 100% legit. 100% professional. 100% authentic. He was able to get me up 1,000 followers in just one month. Not only did he grow my following but he grew my business, he built my audience, he provided me the best logo for my business. He is always there if you have any questions at any given time. If you’re hesitant with spending money on things like me, I’m reassuring you bossupmarketing is the best approach and the best investment I have made for my business.
I’ve been working with this company for a couple months, and I’m happy. I’ve seen my the growth & interactions spike! This company IS LEGIT!! I was so nervous about giving up my information because there’s so many scams but, I feel very safe working with Ty. He literally is the GOAT!! Id highly recommend!! Don’t hesitate..seriously!! Oh.. and follow me on IG @ebonytates

Models Application

Brand Ambassador

Administration Application Form

  • How does BossUpMarketing work?
    In order to meet your growth objectives and reach your target audience, we use a variety of methods. To put it simply, it is a customized approach tailored to each account. Our primary focus is on sending users and traffic to your content, leading to more reach, more impressions, and promoting your content to the Instagram explore pages and top posts for hashtags and location tags. We work very hard to position you and your content in front of thousands of targeted users organically. We do this through explore pages and highly efficient targeted actions.
  • Do you require my username and password?
    Yes, we require access to your account in order to provide this service. We built this service to provide your profile with authentic engagement and growth. In order to accomplish this, we require access to your profile.
  • Is the service month-to-month or is there a contract? 
    All of our growth packages are billed on a month-to-month basis, and you may cancel or pause them at any time. Your services may be canceled at any time.
  • How Long Will I Have to Wait to See Results?
    Once payment is received, the process of getting started will take less than 24 hours. Engagements typically occur in waves, so don't be discouraged if you don't notice traffic right away.
  • Can you tell me how fast my account will grow?
    There is no set answer. Instagram has a wide variety of audiences, some of which are larger than others, making some profiles grow faster than others. The goal of our company is to provide you with quality followers over time, rather than irrelevant followers that will not interact with your content, which will negatively affect your page more than it will benefit it.
  • Why Are You Not Offering Guaranteed Followers?
    Why Are You Not Offering Guaranteed Followers? It varies greatly depending on the account, and it is entirely up to the user to decide whether or not to follow you.
  • What Are Instagram's Restrictions and Limitations?
    Instagram has a built-in spam filter that detects automated activity. If you push the hourly / daily limit, Instagram will start rejecting your actions, and might suspend your account for a few days.
  • Ghost followers, Inactive Users and Non Followers"
    Instagram includes a spam filter that automatically detects automated behavior. Instagram will begin rejecting your activity if you exceed the hourly / daily limit. (follow or unfollow (like or dislike) an excessive number of times, actions will be disallowed If you continue after being refused, your message will be flagged as SPAM and Instagram may temporarily suspend your account. Once you've been flagged, we strongly advise you to take the following steps: Allow your account to cool for 24–48 hours without any activity. You may continue to post during the cool down period, but try to prevent mass (un)follows, (un)blocks, (un)likes, or deletes.
  • Are You Able to Post Content on My Behalf?
    We do not provide clients with post material, as you are more familiar with your brand's voice than we are.
  • Is This Service Going to Solve All of My Marketing
    Bossupmarketing works with brands, influencers, and businesses to increase their Instagram account, and organically grow their following.
  • How safe is this service?
    Having never lost a client account is something we are proud of.. As part of our commitment to provide unparalleled organic growth, we are also proud to announce that our service is compliant with Instagram's Terms and Conditions.
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